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United Pod Sales, LLC

Helping our clients achieve financial security by providing unique solutions built on true experience.

Consistency & Purity At Scale

Our unique ability to measure current growth against historical trends with incredible accuracy – it’s what allows us to produce the purest quality product with total consistency at all scales.

Our Lease Program

By purchasing a Pod through our exclusive Leaseback Program, you’ll receive quarterly payments on equipment managed by us and owned by you.

Each Pod is fully equipped with state of the art proprietary technology, filtration systems, advanced specialty grow equipment and the space is maximized for generating the highest yield per harvest.

Each Pod costs $150,000, which includes all the equipment anyone would need, in order to successfully grow year after year. United Opportunities has committed to pay your lease payments every quarter, starting 90 days after you purchase your Pod, for a term of 5 years (with the Option to renew every 5 Years for 20 Years).



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