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From 1947 to the present, the Ross family and name has invested, produced and created hundreds of millions of dollars-worth of branding, patents, products, marketing campaigns, and inventory. The Ross family name has sold over 20 million bicycles, accessories, and fitness equipment throughout the United States, and is a recognized brand for cutting edge and high-quality products.

Building on this reputation, the Ross Family will be joining United Opportunities in the agricultural equipment manufacturing industry. The Ross Family plans to once again, revolutionize a marketplace with state of the art equipment and cutting-edge technology.

Randy Ross was the Executive Vice president of Ross Bicycles, Inc. With over 1,500 retailers and 50 salespeople, he implemented the first production mountain bike through a series of high tech advertising. He has a proven track record in the business of bicycle fitness products stemming from his experience with his family business, Ross Bicycles, and from Ross enterprises. Randy Ross has built key relationships with

companies in Asia to stream-line his bicycle manufacturing process, and he has a proven record of distributing and marketing the Ross products throughout the United States.

He also created the first mountain bike race ever. Mr. Ross was seen on shows like CNN Money line, letting the world know about the mountain bike and what it was all about. He also has a long history negotiating with major suppliers and factory’s both foreign and domestic. While at Ross, he increased sales, while also increasing profit margins and maintaining quality control standards.

Having the Ross family as a part of the United Opportunities team will ensure high-quality manufacturing standards and robust equipment sales both nationally and internationally.

Consistency & Purity At Scale

Our unique ability to measure current growth against historical trends with incredible accuracy – it’s what allows us to produce the purest quality product with total consistency at all scales.

Our Lease Program

By purchasing a Pod through our exclusive Leaseback Program, you’ll receive quarterly payments on equipment managed by us and owned by you.

Each Pod is fully equipped with state of the art proprietary technology, filtration systems, advanced specialty grow equipment and the space is maximized for generating the highest yield per harvest.

Each Pod costs $150,000, which includes all the equipment anyone would need, in order to successfully grow year after year. United Opportunities has committed to pay your lease payments every quarter, starting 90 days after you purchase your Pod, for a term of 5 years (with the Option to renew every 5 Years for 20 Years).



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