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Just The Facts

Find the answers to some of the most common questions we get asked. 

If you need more assistance, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (858) 757-0047.

United Opportunities is a Land Management and Heavy Machinery Purchasing/Leasing Company.

Purchasing a Pod is easy. You’ll fill out the certificate of ownership paperwork and sign your lease documents. Once those are executed, you’ll wire 150k per pod you purchase, send your check in, deposit check directly in UOH’s account or fill out the IRA application for purchasing through your IRA. If you choose to purchase with cash, we offer secured armored truck services for delivery from you to us. Once your funds have cleared and your paperwork has been received by UOH, your official certificate of ownership will be sent to you with your Pod’s unique serial number and picture of the Pod after being installed at the designated UOH Property.

United Opportunities Humboldt Guarantees your lease payments for the full term of your lease.

United Opportunities has obtained lease agreements and long-term contracts with cultivators to rent your equipment. Due to our attractive margins, we’re able to pass down to the Pod owner lucrative lease payments.

Yes, the lease payments are simply funds you’re being paid from a land management company for renting/leasing your Equipment. UOH does not touch or cultivate any crops themselves, they strictly deal with the purchasing and leasing of heavy agricultural farming equipment. Your lease payments are not from any percentage of the crops that the tenants are cultivating. UOH does not handle any produce, herbs or plants.

Yes, partners, group purchases or companies are able to purchase PODs, but your lease payment will only be made out to one individual or company. United will not issue multiple checks for lease payments on 1 pod.

Yes, you may transfer your Pod to another individual. Please see the details in your lease and purchase agreement.

No, we are not brokers. Our company manufactures and sells farming machinery and equipment.

No, there are currently no shares, stock, or interest available in UOH. Your POD is not a security, it’s a piece of equipment and asset you own.

UOH is leasing your POD from you.

Yes, all of the tenants in your Pods, along with the licensing for the property itself—is all compliant and legal with the state.

Yes, we do. Our Bipolar air purification technology along with a few pending.

Of course, we have an open-door policy at all of our corporate offices. To tour our manufacturing facility or corporate offices, please make an appointment with your United representative.

No, all of the additional fees are covered by UOH. The only out of pocket expense is your original purchase price of $150,000 plus any applicable taxes.

Only a United Executive can approve a discounted rate for bulk purchases of five or more.

Yes, you can use your IRA to purchase your Pod. A United representative will walk you through the simple process and help execute the short application for IRA transfer with purchase.

Yes, United Opportunities guarantees you’ll receive your lease payments in full for the full term of your lease.

New Jersey: 205 US Route 46 West Suite 10 Totowa, NJ 07512

California: 3525 Del Mar Heights Rd Suite 780 San Diego, CA 92130

Las Vegas: Coming Soon

You’ll have a few options at the end of your initial lease.

Option 1: We’ll purchase the Pod from you for the original purchase price of 150k.

Option 2: You can renew your lease with us for another 5 years with an increase to your lease payments, bringing it to 22% return and an additional 2% increase for every 5 years you sign with a max of 20 years total for the lease.

Option 3: You can have your Pod shipped to you or whichever address you choose for your own use.

We strongly advise not breaking the lease with United, due to the payment penalties. However, the Pod is your property and if you choose to terminate your lease with United, you’ll need to give United 90 days written notice and cover shipping costs of your Pod to the address you choose. You would also be liable for the early termination penalty that’s in your lease. The penalty varies depending on the time remaining in your lease.

All tax benefits from the purchase of agricultural farming equipment you should discuss with your CPA. That being said, our CPA’s have issued us letters of opinion, stating that your Pod’s full purchase price can be 100% deducted in year 1 with a cap of $500,000 dollars. This is due to the Pod’s being classified as agricultural farming equipment you’re profiting from through leasing.

No, we’re currently not selling our Pod’s without a minimum of a 5-year lease.

We spend thousands weekly on advertising, conventions, lead generation and names/numbers of qualified Pod buyers.

Your first lease payment will be issued 90 days after the purchase of your Pod. You will receive your lease payments quarterly. Your payment will vary by the number of Pods we’re leasing from you but equals 20% and/or $30,000 a year per POD.

At one of United Opportunities licensed and compliant farms located in California.

Vertical farming is one solution that’s been implemented around the world. Vertical farms produce crops in stacked layers, often in controlled environments.

The Pod features the latest state of the art technology. Our cloud-based system allows you to operate every aspect of your grow room from one intelligent and fully programmable controller. Complete CO2 control, Light Timer, Temperature, Humidity, Recycle Timers, Vent Fans, High Temperature Shut-off, Air conditioning and heating.  Vertical farming technologies are used to maximize the container square footage to its fullest. Our Pods proprietary lighting systems are designed to grow produce in the superfood category. Lastly, United’s Pods employs its own patented Bipolar Ionization air purification technology. Effective against bacteria, spores, VOC compounds and particles. Our smart technology treats the source of the contamination to deliver the laboratory environment serious farmers want.

The Pod’s will all have different strains, brands and manufacturers growing their crop inside of them. The products range from high-quality specialty crops, organic produce, specifically leaf crops, including many varieties of herbs.

Each property has city water, a well, catchment ponds and/or water truck delivery’s sufficient enough for all POD’s on the property. Our filtration systems are state of the art and use 90% less water than traditional grow systems. United’s property also has city electric with solar and backup generators for redundancy.

26+ high end state of the art LED’s or our cultivator’s personal preference of lights for their particular crop if they choose to change.

This is a hard question to answer, since our containers essentially could last lifetimes over and over again with the right maintenance.

Yes, they’re stackable and mobile.

Our security systems and protection agency staff do more than just give us protection against theft. They also ensure compliance and help to avoid HR issues. All of United’s properties are heavily secured with personnel, cameras inside and outside containers, motion sensors, temperature sensors, automated fingerprint scanning locks, metal detectors along with dogs. There is no greater security for the tenant’s crops than a locked container.

This varies depending on the strains and herbs that are grown in each pod, but roughly 100-150+ plants can be grown per pod.

Plug and Grow means that our POD’s are ready to be plugged in and ready to start growing almost instantly after you set it on your property.

We have manufacturing and assembly facilities in Canada and Southern California.

90 days from the day of your POD Purchase.

The Pod and all the cultivation equipment it comes equipped with. Filtration systems, Control Module, Lights, Software, Fans, Co2 system, Hydroponic Systems and all specialty equipment.

There is other Pod Manufacturers, but United’s Pod’s are the most advanced medical Pod’s currently on the market and offering our lease program. The couple other pod manufacturers that exist today, don’t have a fraction of the technology United’s Pod’s do.

United Opportunities is fully insured on their land, staff, and equipment.

Yes, but none to the owner of the Pod. The only out of pocket expense for a Pod purchase is the original purchase price of 150k plus applicable tax if any and/or optional insurance of $250 which is deducted from your quarterly rent checks per Pod.

All the equipment is under warranty for the full term of your lease.

Owning a Pod is like owning any other piece of agricultural farming equipment used for cultivation. All of our cultivators are legal and compliant in the state your Pod is located in.


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