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Total Gross Earnings Of One Pod Purchase ($150K)

Our Leaseback Program

Each Pod is fully equipped with state of the art proprietary technology, filtration systems, advanced specialty grow equipment and the space is maximized for generating the highest yield per harvest – and comes with a price tag of $150,000, which includes all the equipment anyone would need, in order to successfully grow year after year.

United Opportunities has committed to pay your lease payments every quarter, starting 90 days after you purchase your Pod, for a term of 5 years (with the Option to renew every 5 Years for 20 Years).


If we don’t have new Pod inventory in stock, it’ll take United 30-90 days to manufacture and deliver your Pod to one of our licensed and insured properties. Whether your new Pod is in inventory or being manufactured – you’ll receive your first lease payment on time 90 days after your purchase. Start Today!

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20% Return on Your Money Yearly – at the end of your 5 Year Lease with United Opportunities, your total lease income would equate to $150,000 dollars.


Our Pods are classified as “Agricultural Farming Equipment” – which the IRS has made 100% Tax Deductible for the full purchase price of the Pod in Year 1.


Fully licensed, patented, and uniquely designed for rapid expansion, United Opportunities Pods are a turn-key solution for busy entrepreneurs.

Multiple Pods

Multiplied Gains

Interested in what returns you could generate from purchasing more than one Pod?

As you’ll see in this graph, you could generate $300,000.00 additional annual income per Pod purchased!

For Single or Bulk Purchases, Please Confirm Availability. Only 1000 Total Leasebacks are available for Phase 1.

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Totaled Gross Earnings for Multiple Pod Purchases

Have An IRA That's Simply Not Performing?

Our Pods are IRA Qualified. Use your IRA to purchase a Pod and see real returns today.

End Of Lease: Options & Opportunities

With our Lease Payments and End Of Lease Options, it truly makes Pod Ownership profitable, practical and convenient for anyone looking for solid and secure returns yearly.

In addition to the income you’ll make yearly, United Opportunities™ has given you a few options to choose from at the end of our lease with you.

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Renew Your Lease For Another 5 Years

If you let United continue to lease your POD for another 5 years, we’ll increase your quarterly payments by 2%.

This equals to $33,000 a year income and roughly a 22% return yearly. It’s like most commercial leases that have increased rent at the end of the term.

United Opportunities Will Buy Back Your Pod For The Original Price Of $150,000.

That’s right, if you like, we’ll purchase the Pod back from you with no depreciation. Now you’ve made $150,000 in lease income over 5 years and your original $150,000 you spent on the Pod is back in your pocket.

United Opportunities will ship your Pod back to you or whichever address you like.

After all, the Pod is your equipment and we’re simply leasing it from you. We only ask that you give United Opportunities 90 days notice before the end of your 5-year lease if you do choose to have your Pod shipped to you. It’s a large piece of heavy machinery – so you’ll need plenty of room to install it properly.

RENEW & INCREASE – Choose to Extend your Lease for another 5 Year Minimum Term and RECEIVE 2% INCREASE in Annual Lease Payments.

The United Advantage

The most return for your money – over 9.4% more annual return than Residential Real Estate, but with zero maintenance on your part!

You may be asking yourself, “How is United, able to pay you a lease payment just 90 days after your purchase?

It’s as if you were renting your home to someone: once they sign the lease agreement with you, they must pay their rent – regardless if they’ve moved into the house or not.

Many people mortgage houses, lease cars and even Industrial Equipment of all kinds – some never even get used. That payment is still due when the lease or mortgage says it is, and thats how we handle our lease payments. Guaranteed, first payment made to you just 90 days after purchase.

Competitive Analysis – Annual Rate of Return


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